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Thunderbolt Casino Bonus Games: Play Games, Get Payouts in ZAR

Thunderbolt is a bonus-rich casino for South Africans. It’s a punter’s paradise where you and I can play the best online casino games for free and keep the profits.

We’re not talking about any old games. We’re talking about casino bonus games developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG), one of the big five software developers in the remote gaming niche.

Why Play RTG Casino Bonus Games Online?

Anybody who has had the unmitigated joy of playing RTG real money games at Thunderbolt download, Flash or mobile casino will know exactly what that means – and that of course is ‘excellence’.

Register an account right now and you’ll experience excellence in terms of performance, in-game bonus features, game mechanics and payouts!

Combine the best ever ZAR gaming experience with Thunderbolt Casino bonuses and you’ve got a hybridised gambling product that’s so good… its insane!

What Types of Casino Bonus Games Can You Play at Thunderbolt?

Check out the games menu and you’ll find colourful thumbnails of more than 300 casino games. Along with a dazzling array of online slots there’s a comprehensive selection of video poker games, table games, speciality games and scratch cards.

What makes gambling online so appealing is that new games are added into the mix every so often. Not only is there always a fresh and exciting paying prospect to explore. The latest casino bonus games feature next gen tech innovations, creative design touches and bonus features.


Exploit In-Game Bonus Features

It doesn’t really matter what types of online casino games you enjoy playing, all are imbedded with big paying bonus features. You’ll find extra payouts and ginormous top wins in the best video poker variants.

You’ll also discover all sorts of optional bets on table games that can pay out at sweet odds of up to 10: 1 and even 20:1. The standout genre in terms of lucrative game mechanics is the RTG video slots.

What’s so great about Thunderbolt Casino slots? Apart from the stunning graphics, rad animations and cool tunes, online slots are jam packed with bonus features.

Find the slots that have wild reels, loads of free spins, random jackpots and multipliers and the odds of winning bags of cash are clearly in your favour.

Click on the Progressives tab and you’ll have the very best online casino bonus games laid out in front of you. All without exception are linked to constantly growing jackpots that can reach five or six figure sums!

What’s even more inviting is you can use a Thunderbolt Casino deposit bonus, cashback bonus or even a no deposit bonus to fund your forays on the best-ever RTG progressive slots! Now how about that?

Play Online Casino Games with Best Bonus Codes

The second way you can maximise your chances of winning money at Thunderbolt Casino is through the in-house coupon system. Along with welcome bonus codes and deposit bonuses, there are always lucrative offers you can take advantage of.

By playing online casino games with deposit bonus coupons, you enhance your gaming experience and increase your winning potential. Choose the games based on their in-game bonus features, and your casino account can grow significantly in just a few hours!

Find Online Casino Bonus Games with a High Return to Player

Besides the bonus features integrated into game play, the second element you should look for in a game is the house edge and average return to player (RTP). The two are inextricably linked and together add up to 100 percent.

The house edge is the percentage of the profit the casino retains from all wagers on a particular game. The RTP is the portion that’s paid out to all players over the long term.

The best online casino bonus games to play – with or without bonuses – are those with the lowest house edge and highest RTP, payout percentage or payout rate.

Here are a few online casino bonus games, together with the RTP percentage, that more than meet the requirements:

  • Jacks or Better – 99.55
  • Bonus Poker – 99.15
  • All American – 99.60
  • Aces and Eights – 99.78
  • Blackjack – 99.46
  • Face Up 21 – 99.25
  • Pontoon – 96.35
  • Caribbean Hold’Em Poker – 97.84
  • Pai Gow Poker – 97.14
  • Tri Card Poker – 97.68

Don’t Forget the Volatility or Variance of Slots

Besides using the in-game bonus features and RTP to assess the estimated payout potential of casino bonus games, the variance or volatility attributed to individual slots should not be overlooked.

In broad terms variance identifies how much and how frequently a particular slot game pays out winnings. The term’ variance’ is interchangeable with ‘volatility’.

A low variance slot pays out comparatively small amounts of money but on a frequent basis. A slot with high volatility pays out sporadically but when it does, it pays out a whack! A medium variance slot pays out mediocre winnings at a medium pace.

Which type of variance you choose to play is really up to you. Some South Africans thrive on the thrill of hitting the major money prizes even if it happens only occasionally. Others prefer to win meagre amounts more often so that they can slowly and systematically build a bankroll.

What we can say is that when you’re playing online casino slots with no deposit bonus codes, we suggest you select the high variance games.

Here’s a tip to store in your memory bank – remember to bet max if there’s a progressive jackpot in the picture or you won’t be eligible for the major money prize when you hit the five-symbol payout permutation!

Sign Up for the Best Casino Bonus Games NOW

As you now know there are endless ways to optimise your chances of winning money when you play casino bonus games online at Thunderbolt Casino. You can leverage the no deposit bonus codes, look for the games with awesome bonus features and only play games with a low house edge.

You can also find RTG slots that pay out more often than most… or you can go for that single big win that’s tied to a progressive jackpot game. Whatever method you choose, you really can win wads of bank notes playing RTG casino bonus games online at Thunderbolt Casino!